Ken Gutberlet

Reynolds Whack

FatFingers Monthly, April 1999

Here in Fells Point, we affectionately refer to Ken as "Party of Often". Of course we also think he's one sandwich short of a picnic because he wears shorts in the dead of winter.

Status Quo is his second release of stories that are told through song; without any music, the stories would still stand. "Tragic Fall" is the perfect example of his optimism and love for life, not to mention his campfire guitar playing. The harsh metaphor for a young American couple, "Ken and Barbie '99", really takes the humor out of it, but, some fine guitar playing. His humorous side also comes out with "Great-Granny"- a rejuvenated senior citizen piercing her body parts and modeling bikinis. "Roswell"- he sings of Chewbacca, Spock, and Mork crashing their spacecraft. His Sis-in-law, Mitchy, makes an appearance singing on a great sing-along song, "Seize the Day"- I swore it was Natalie Merchant. Ken also took it upon himself to write a goodbye song for our loved Orioles' announcer Rex- quite worthy of an epitaph.

I wish I could think of another singer that Ken reminds me of so I could give readers an idea, but I realize there isn't one. Like his folk songs and lust for life, he is unique. You're right Ken, you're not headed for a tragic fall.