Ken Gutberlet

6/14/2006 - WLOY playlists - 6/14-15/6

Hello music lovers!

I've got two fun hours of life the next two days. I'll be subbing for my friend (and fellow musician) Karyn Oliver as host of her twice-weekly local music radio show. This happens Wed (today!) 6/14 and Thurs (tomorrow!) 6/15 from 11 am to noon (Eastern Daylight Savings Time).

The station is WLOY 1620 AM, Loyola College (Baltimore) Radio. You can't really pick up the radio signal unless you're inhabiting the dorms. But don't start freaking out, there's no need to waste your summer working on that application essay. You can listen online- .

I'll be playing tunes from a bunch of friends- all local releases. I dusted off a few cds that I haven't listened to in more years than it took me to earn my college degree. Some bands no longer perform. I've pre-arranged play lists to squeeze lots of tasty stuff into hour blocks. Preview the lists below if ya want. I also left time for me to play a tune live near the end of the hour each day. Fun stuff!

I'm a little sad that I couldn't get all the folks I know into these shows. Maybe I can convince Karyn that she needs to head for the Keys more often . . .

- Ken


Wed 6/14/6

Ken Gutberlet and Fashionably Late featuring Mitchy!- "Seize the Day" off 1999's "Status Quo" -

Brickfoot - "Fast Forward" off 1999's "Poly Carbon Lens" -

Joanne Stato - " Difficult Day" off 2002's "Talking To Myself" -

Swing States featuring Lea Jones - "Parking Lot" off 2004's "The Swing States Road Show" -

Amy Willis - "Another Thing" off 2003's "Living in the Moment!!!" -

Georgie Jessup - "Walk That Talk" off 2006's "Woman in a Manís Suit" -

Spitshine - "Kill the Messenger" off 1999's "Kick Me Hard"

Weird Harold - "Cappucino Girl" off 1995's "'Til Death Do Us Part"

Mac - "Fear Trigger" off 1994ís "Eggs, Milk & Ammo"

Larry Dennis and Wild Rice - "Too Tall To Mambo" off 2003's "Baltimore on Tap- Baltimoreís Best Blues Bands" -

Hockaday - "Understand" off 2005's "Hockaday" -

Naked Blue - "Break Me" off 2004's "Five By Five" -

me live - who knows what I might play

John Seay - "possible hidden track - I Got Cats" off of 2001's "Eleven Scenarios" -

Thurs 6/15/6

Paul Iwancio - "Once Our Roof" off 2004's "Open Heart Stories" -

Karyn Oliver - "Nothing to Remember" off 2005's "Naked" -

Jeanny Kim - "Forget About It" off 2004's "Back Around Again" -

Kristen Gaumer - "Retrospect" off 2003's "Baltimore Songwriters Association- Songs From Our Circle 3" -

Uncle John - "Dream Out Loud" off 2005's "Sawbriar Sessions 1&2" -

Left-Handed Capricorns - "Cumberland Gap" off 2004's "Handin' Down"

Left-Handed Capricorns - "Cotton-Eyed Joe" off 2004's "Handin' Down"

Billy Thomson - "This Time" off 2006's "Off the Couch" -

The Eternal Buzz - "Out" off 1995's "Pray for Nudity" -

Sarah Pinsker - "Pass By" off 2000's "Charmed" -

Pete Baker - "East Coast Cat" off 2002's "Second CD, Demo Copy"

June Star - "Baltimore" off 2004's "Sugarbird" -

Ravyns - "Raised on the Radio" off 1982's "Fat Times at Ridgemont High Soundtrack" -

me live - "Lace 'em up Again", unreleased

Three Down Dave - "Johnny U" off 2006's "Heroes on a Hostile Planet" -

me - "A Friendly Voice" recorded 2005, unreleased -

Jason Siemer - "A World of Orioles Baseball" off 1998's "A World of Orioles Baseball" -